e1 Manager

For Construction Companies

e1 Manager is an access control and license management system for construction sites. The system helps you handle your workforce efficiently while producing mandatory reports for public authorities.

See who of your employees have been present at the site, and act accordingly.
Can be integrated to your other systems!
Automatic reporting to Tax Administration or other public authorities!
Make better use of your and your employees’ mobile phones!

Central Information Management

e1 Manager includes administrative registers required to run day-to-day operations of your sites.

  • Construction sites
  • Subcontractors
  • Employees
  • Admittances
  • Skills
  • Site-dependent special permits
  • Contract costs

Access Control

  • VALTTI-card (used only in Finland)
  • NFC card or
  • NFC key fob

Employee presence can be tracked and followed with time tracking reports. When an employer has this information at hand, it increases the odds of getting results.

Tax Administration

e1 Manager is an Internet-based solution which handles all reporting requirements to local tax officials. In Finland, Tax Administration requires reports for contracts and employees, and these reports are automatically generated.

Mobile Applications

e1 Manager is also accessible via mobile phone. An employee can check in or out using the phone’s web browser or sending an SMS. Location services can be used to restrict check-ins possible only within certain region.

An employee photograph can be taken and transferred to employee register with a mobile phone application. This application can also be used to browse check-ins and currently present employees.

User Forum

Our customers are naturally in a key position in the development of e1 Manager. This is why we’ve established a user forum in which our customers can share their experiences, as well as current and future needs. The event takes place four times a year, being open to all our customers.




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